Why use a Diffuser?

Are you using still using candles, vapourisers or an oil burner in your home? Did you know that candles can be EXTREMELY toxic? Did you know that many scented candles contain lead in the wick?

Image result for soy candlesMost candles are made with paraffin which is a by product from the petroleum industry. This mean a heap of nasty gasses go into your home when you burn paraffin. It’s like having a personal diesel engine running inside your home. Nothing like the smell of diesel fumes to get you through the day!

Let’s look at Soy. It is often Genetically Modified and even though it is ‘better for us’ than paraffin, it’s sadly supporting GM farming.
“Fragrances” contain a huge number of endocrine disrupting pthalates. If you’re burning a candle and you smell a smell that you can’t identify, more than likely it is fake. What on earth does ‘spring sensation’ or ‘morning dew’ really smell like?

I know many of you want to have a lovely aroma in your home – Me too! However I want to do it with a safe, natural and toxic free option.

Let’s look at a Vapouriser.  A Vapouriser will heat the water and will disperse hot steam into the air.  If you add essential oils to the water you will get oil vapours into the air from the steam.

Vaporiser’s hot water and steam can burn young children or pets if they put their face in the steam or tip the container on themselves. Another problem is if you are heating the oils with steam you will damage the quality and benefits from the oils (especially when using high quality oils).  You could still get a nice smell, but the oils will not work as well. PLUS many rooms will end up with condensation dripping down the walls which can lead to mould.

An Oil Burner is possibly more dangerous if you are using one with a naked flame.  We have the same issues about possible burns to people or pets, but on top of that you can risk a fire in your home. As mentioned above, when you are adding heat to oils you are going to reduce the effectiveness of the oils.

Image result for lively living swirl

So why use a diffuser? A diffuser uses cool water and high vibrations to create a mist that will disperse oils into the atmosphere.  You will not have any issues with damaging the quality of the oils or risk burns of any kind.  A diffuser is safe to use in a child’s room and you can often get many different styles and running times to suit your needs.

Having doTERRA oils – the purest, most potent oils available and a cold water diffuser will solve these problems for you! You can even choose the oils to lift your mood, calm you down, invigorate you etc, without a toxic load on your system!

If you are not sure what oils to use in the diffuser, use your intuition and just give it a go as you may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. There are also an unlimited selection of diffuser recipes available you can try.