To be honest I didn’t know anything about oils or that there were even other companies around when I first discovered essential oils all those years ago. I chose to start with dōTERRA as they worked for me – REALLY well.

Now that I know what I do, I am glad that they were my first experience. I have very high standards and want to know that I can truly believe in a company and what they stand for. So if you want pure and ethical, dōTERRA ticks those boxes, many times over.

dōTERRA, in my opinion has the lot.


dōTERRA source from where a plant will thrive, not just farming anywhere, so the quality and potency of the oils is better. They support local growers and communities in under developed countries and make a change in huge ways by supporting them (read more below).

The testing they do on their products is phenomenal. Nothing gets into the bottles that shouldn’t – heavy metals, germs, synthetics, nasties of any kind. This actually places their quality above organic (read more below). They are the front runners in this and the technology involved. There are medical research companies partnering with them exclusively now as they have been getting results with dōTERRA oils that can’t be replicated with other brands.

Plus the testing they do makes sure that the location they are sourcing from gives them the BEST essential oil possible – they test oils from different locations to find the optimum location and then make sure they can source from there sustainably.

The owners are very integral and that filters through the company. They want to make a difference in the world – and they are. They are creating a culture within dōTERRA that has endeared many to this company. They have amazing products, exceptional customer service and one of the BEST loyalty rewards programs ever.

The community and support is amazing.

So if you are wanting to know why I chose dōTERRA, it’s because I was lead to them because they worked in a desperate situation. The reason I stay with them and are passionate about them is also because they work – PLUS they are the BEST oils available and the company is amazing with how they operate on every level.

For more information about what I have shared, read the information below.


CPTG – Certified Pure Tested Grade

There are so many reasons that dōTERRA essential oils are the best oils you can access in the world. Each dōTERRA essential oil is carefully and thoroughly tested using the strict CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade quality protocol.

There is no regulation or standards in the essential oil industry, so how can you be comfortable knowing that the oils you are using are pure, safe and effective?
CPTG is a registered trademark owned by dōTERRA to set a benchmark that every batch
of dōTERRA oil is put through the highest standard of rigorous and thorough testing which sets the bar for quality, purity, efficacy and consistency.

dōTERRA is committed to providing the purest, most potent essential oils possible. dōTERRA employs a global network of farmers who knows intimately the process of growing plants for essential oils.


CPTG oils are:

  • Sourced from a global network of growers to ensure the post pure and effective oils. They source where a plant thrives or grows indigenously so the quality, potency and
  • Effectiveness of the oil that is produced is the best available.
  • Rigorously tested for standards of purity and potency
  •  Free from fillers or artificial ingredients
  • Free from harmful contaminants

Watch this video to see what CPTG actually means for you!

Did you know that a bottle of essential oil labelled as 100% PURE may only have a small trace of the pure oil to be labelled as such and could be filled with Synthetics? Scary hey! dōTERRA is full of 100% pure essential oil only!

The quality, purity and effectiveness of an oil provides me with comfort and confidence when I am using them.


Another incredible thing that sets dōTERRA apart from other essential oil companies is their commitment to sourcing the highest quality essential oils while greatly enhancing the lives of those in our global community. This actually makes my heart feel so good that I am a part of this!

This video gives you insight into why dōTERRA sources through co-impact sourcing:

Where a plant is grown has a major impact on its constitution, which in turn determines its potency. dōTERRA sources their plants from the country where that plant thrives and often grows indigenously.

For example – Eucalyptus and Tea Tree are sourced from Australia,
Lemon from Italy,
Frankincense from Somalia,
Lavender from France and Bulgaria.

Additionally, harvesting the right part of the plant at the right time has a major impact on the quality of an essential oil. Growers have discovered over generations proper harvesting secrets that increase yield and quality of the essential oil.

One example is Vetiver from Haiti. For years, Haiti has been exporting Vetiver to perfumery markets around the world, but since the perfume industry is interested in a lesser quality oil, they do not focus on how and where the oil is sourced. It is also a system that is rife with self-serving middlemen, soil  depletion, and low wages. dōTERRA is changing this, however, by establishing a Co-operative in Haiti that has two main objectives.

The first is to educate the farmers and growers of vetiver so they are able to improve the quality and sourcing methods, and secondly to provide financial incentives to those farmers to ensure improved, consistent quality.

This is an incredible thing for the impoverished country of Haiti, as dōTERRA’s Co-impact Sourcing process will create over 7,000 jobs, as well as provide clean drinking water, schools for children, and give them hope for a better future.

You can watch this 7 Minute Video to see the impact doTERRA’s co impact sourcing is having in Haiti, just one of the third world countries benefiting from Co Impact Sourcing


I am often asked – are dōTERRA oils Certified Organic? Hopefully this will give you the answers you are looking for!

Certified organic is good. I support organic practices from any company that wants to produce safe, quality products. However certified organic is not the only standard of quality.

dōTERRA‘s quality standard for essential oils, CPTG, exceeds industry standards. Organic certification varies from country to country, province to province, and in the US, from state to state. This means it is not currently possible to acquire all oils under certified organic status. Many of dōTERRA’s essential oils are certified organic, others are ECOCERT, and some do not
have any certification. The reason for this is because we source from so many developing countries where requirements vary and in some locations itis not possible to certify as organic. Our measures to ensure purity and quality go beyond any organic certification.

The reason dōTERRA has chosen not to print “certified organic” or “ECOCERT” on our labels is because each lot has different certifications. Some of our Ylang Ylang may come in with organic certification and another lot may not have the certification. These two lots meet the very same quality standards.

They go through the same battery of tests and are both certified not to contain anything that they shouldn’t. One producer simply paid a fee to be certified organic and another did not.

When we say that our oils are beyond organic, it is because we have the ability to see even the smallest component in each batch of oil. Through the large number of stringent tests carried out on EVERY BATCH of oil, we are able to determine if any chemical residue exists in the essential oil, such as pesticides, herbicides, extenders, and solvents. With this rigorous analysis
process, we are able to ensure that all CPTG® essential oils offered bydōTERRA are a step above organic. If there is anything contained in the essential oil that was not naturally produced by nature in the plant with nothing added, it is rejected.
If you want to read more about the amazing testing that dōTERRA does on EVERY batch of oils, read this

This is what gives me 100% faith in CPTG oils and the process they go through. dōTERRA work with the best analytical scientists in the world, so nothing gets past them and most importantly only the purest essential oils are in the bottles you use at home for your family.

If you are looking for the best quality, purest essential oils – that work, sourced through a company full of integrity who is making change throughout the world – dōTERRA is for you!  If you would like to get started using dōTERRA oils contact me or go here for more information.