Super Simple Choc Mint Mousse

Choc Mint Mousse – my signature dessert. So simple but so yummy, just ask all my adoring fans to 

250gm Chocolate (I do 200gm dark 50gm milk)
130gm milk
600ml cream
Teaspoon Vanilla Paste
6 – 10 drops of essential oil (depends what flavour you use and how strong you like it)

Directions: (I use a Thermomix but have also done it many times without!)

Choc Mint Mousse Grate

Grate Chocolate (TM 10 sec /speed 8 )
Add milk and melt with double boiler method. You don’t have to grate if you use this method (TM 2 mins /50 /speed 1)
Scrape and repeat (TM 2 mins /50 /speed 1) set aside in a large mixing bowl

Choc Mint Mousse Cream
Add vanilla paste to cream in a mixing bowl. Whip until firm. (TM use butterfly 1 min/ speed 3 measuring cup off. Time varies depending on freshness of cream and temperature)

Choc Mint Mousse oil
Add essential oil to melted chocolate (I used 7 drops of Peppermint)
Gently fold whipped cream through chocolate. Do not over mix as the texture will go liquid

Choc Mint Mousse Finished

Spoon into serving dish/es or firm paper baking cups.
For best results allow to set fully in the fridge for a couple of hours
Decorate with grated chocolate, fresh fruit or nuts or serve as is!
Lick every dish and spoon used while making this choc mousse as it would be terrible to allow any to go to waste
Hire a PA to field all your requests to make the mousse at any upcoming events

Enjoy! I’d love to hear how you go making it! It can take some practice to get everything amazing