Loyalty Rewards Program

Loyalty Rewards Program – LRP

This video will help to show you how amazing I think the LRP is!

* 1-49pv – You will receive shipping cost back as points
* 50pv or more – You will receive shipping cost back as points PLUS you will receive 10-30% back in points from what you purchase. BEST VALUE!!!
* 100pv will earn you commissions from anyone placed under you, whether you enrolled them or not.
*125pv by the 15th of the month will earn you the FREE product of the month (POM)
*200pv in certain months will earn you the bonus FREE oil/product. Normally around $100 value.

LRP is the BEST way to purchase your oils. Even if you don’t fully understand it yet, please trust me and do ALL your orders as an LRP
*LRP is a regular monthly order of WHATEVER you want to order. If you are ordering anything, it is best to order on an LRP.

* You cannot place an LRP order in the same month that you enrol.
* You can opt out of the LRP at any time you like, there are no lock in contracts.
* There is no minimum orders
*You will earn 10-30% back of the PV you order as points into your account as long as your order is 50pv or more. This increases from 10% to 30% the longer you keep on the LRP.

* You can place as many LRP orders as you like in a month. ALWAYS order on LRP.
* You will only receive the POM once. However, if there is a 200pv special, you can normally qualify for this 4 times (if each order is over 200pv).
* You can change your order as many times as you like throughout the month until the day before it ships.
* You can ship now or leave to process on the day you set for shipping – doesn’t matter either way. The next month it will revert to the original date you have set.
* If your LRP is set to over 100pv AT ALL TIMES – and you place an order of 100pv or more in that month, you will receive commissions that are owed to you from people who are underneath you – whether you enrolled them or not.
* You will earn 100% of your shipping cost as points back on ALL LRP orders you place – this is why you should ALWAYS order on LRP.
* Your LRP points will show in your back office after the 15th of each month following your order (not immediately after ordering). The exception to this is any orders placed in your first 60 days – these points will show in your back office after the 15th of the month following your first 60 days.
*if you cancel your LRP you will lose any points you have in your account and the % rebate you are on.
*if you place an order with at least 1pv-49pv you will keep your points and the % rebate you are on. If you don’t want to do a 50pv+ order at least try to order something if you can. You will at least get your shipping back as points.
*TIP if you want to cancel, do an order that uses all your points first! Also speak to someone first to work out your best option!