Lifelong Vitality Supplements

More Energy, Stamina and Clarity of mind!


I have to admit, I didn’t get on board with the Lifelong Vitality Supplements (LLV) until 2 and a half years into my journey. ‘Cause really, supplements were not on my radar and I was of the belief that I was eating ok so I was fine. In actual fact I wasn’t eating the best – I was tired in the afternoons needing a nap! 2pm and I was on the bed dozing (while My daughter was bouncing around getting up to mischief!

For me the change when I started them was gradual. I didn’t really think they were doing much and after about 4 months I forgot to take them for a few days. I didn’t really think much at the time. The “ah ha” moment came as I was driving home from dropping someone at the airport. It was about 2pm and I was struggling to keep my eyes open!! It was scary as it took me back to those earlier months and my need to rest each day. I hadn’t realised my energy had improved and I was coping better.

Now I take them every day! Full dose and I know how amazing they are for supporting my body. I am grateful to have something that fills the gaps and supports me in a way that means my body is getting exactly what it needs. The results others are getting also blows my mind. This is a powerful addition to your life.

Primary Benefits

  • General wellness and vitality
  • Antioxidant and DNA protection
  • Energy metabolism
  • Bone health
  • Immune function
  • Stress management
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Healthy hair, skin, and nails
  • Eye, brain, nervous system
  • Liver function and digestive health
  • Lung and respiratory health
  • Gentle on stomach
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free

The Lifelong Vitality Supplements (doTERRA’s number 1 selling product!) have been formulated to reach 100% of our daily nutritional needs based on an average diet. These supplements contain the equivalent of over 12 servings of fruits and vegetables and provide necessary vitamins and minerals to support a healthy body. Did you know that the majority of mineral supplements on the market are crushed rock? I don’t have actual super powers, so I don’t think they are going to be absorbed by my body!

If you’ve had positive experiences with the Lifelong Vitality Pack I’d love to hear about them!

Read some of the amazing testimonials from those who have been using the LLV supplements:

 Melanie I have been using this product for about 18mths and I love it. It’s given me my life back. I have a chronic medical condition, which I will always have to live with but the LLV has increased my energy levels two fold, making leaving the house a whole lot more enjoyable. It has also helped my digestive system which has always had issues. I would be lost now without my LLV.

 Elizabeth My husband and I have just started taking these… we are on week 2! My husband is a paramedic and had to work New Years Eve… he waited til the afternoon to take the tablets.. and work was super busy as you can imagine!! … The next morning he told me that even tho it was really busy (and he only had 45 mins downtime in a 14 hour shift) he still felt great and was able to function at his best all night!! That’s all the testimony I need to keep using them!

 Mischa I started taking LLV about a year ago and I feel it’s really helped me. I was so bad at taking regular vitamins but I’m pretty good at taking these. I did drop down to the daily nutrient pack but have decided that the full LLV is better for my energy levels especially when paired with Mito2Max. Definitely worth placing a US order for these.

 Lailah Rose So grateful for both LLV & DDR Prime! I have some health issues & since using these I am no longer medicated. Absolutely stoked. I’ve experienced some pretty shocking lows but these have brought me right back & I feel better than ever. I just need to remember NOT to forget them or my health, energy levels & mood drops pretty quickly! I’ve just introduced my husband to them this month!

 Leanne I used LLV after being so ill that I was not sure I would survive. Along with the oils, a very very clean diet, rest and various other treatments, the LLV helped restore my energy and instinctively I believe it helped repair and heal my body. I am still on the road to recovery and have been taking the LLV religiously for about 2 years… and I will continue to do so.

 Jen I love LLV for the energy it gave me after 8 years of very hard slog emotionally… they truly made a difference to how I feel which is beyond amazing

 Candi I didn’t think it was doing much good to be honest, didn’t notice a change, then I ran out for 10days! I got smashed with food poisoning a cold sore and then gastro all in a week. I couldn’t believe it. I was like the demon from hell too haha won’t make that mistake again!

 Erika I love LLV. Despite having to halve the dose of the xEO mega due to other issues. I cannot live without taking the set. I couldn’t be bothered opening my next lot of bottles and was just taking the xEO mega for about a week… that was a mistake. Since I started taking LLV my joint pain has almost completely disappeared. My partner tried to get me to stop for a while because we “couldn’t afford it” I was in sooo much pain all over that my response became we “cannot afford not too”. Especially when my hip made it hard to walk. I have injuries from several motor vehicle accidents and I
am so grateful for being able to have access to a fantastic product. My recommendation would be to try it. What have you got to lose? Nothing to lose but the possibility of less pain to gain.

 Alysia I started on a quarter dose of LLV and built up to half dose! I noticed a huge boost in energy within weeks of starting on it! Amazing

 Leanne Ok this might be just a weird coincidence but it rattled me a bit at the time so much so that l stopped taking them. I’d heard and read so much about LLV so l was excited to start on them. l’d been on them for a couple of weeks and they threw me into menopause. Bit of back ground history, ld been having regular blood tests to check my hormone levels, the last one the week before l started on the LLV and was no where near menopause. The only thing that changed was taking the LLV, l started to feel the menopause symptoms after a week, went and had another test and yep hello menopause. So l started on the menopause protocol, done that for a few weeks, then gave them up also. All symptoms started to subside, and stop all together after a few months. All in all my menopause lasted 4 months! Yay A year later here l am l just started back on them for the 30 day cleanse and looking forward to 2017 and all it brings.

 Erin We love LLV. My hubby started taking these a few months ago and only takes 1/ 2 the recommended dosage. He has already noticed a huge improvement in his health- from an uplift in moods, energy, ease of movement to not needing as much meds for respiratory support. This is huge for him!! He tells everyone about it and that in itself says something! He reminded when it was time to order the last lot as he ran out and within a week was unwell! Coincidence or not, he doesn’t want us to run out again, me neither. I love how it’s helped his overall health and wellbeing! So, I’m now on it too, taking a 1/4 of the dose, and can already feel an improvement in my energy levels! Yay

 Daniela LLV + mitomax , ddr prime has truly been My lifeline for the past 12 months and has helped me conquer severe fatigue and support me to come off medication for emotional/anxiety. Found a half dose is just right. It wasn’t until I ran out that I realised how much it really helps support me. No afternoon slumps, reduced aches and pains and no sickness, where I was getting sick with chronic illness’ every 6 weeks and ending up on antibiotics. These products are extensively researched to work together and boy do they help!!!

 Maria For energy, clean thinking, health, moods and all the rest that comes with taking the amazing supplement!

 Kath I love knowing the research which has gone into the formulation of LLV. I used to buy lots of supplements to get the things I had found useful, and was pleasantly surprised to find they are included in alpha CRS. So I am no longer buying so many different supplements. I find that although I prefer to limit my US orders, I am not willing to run out again, as like some others have said, I noticed a difference when I did!

 Adele -More clarity, better immune resiliency, skin tags have dropped off

 Gabriela I have replaced my Multi Vitamins with LLV but have also included DDR and the Probiotic pill. All I can say is WOW! I thought this would never be possible but I am now a morning person and OMG regular as clockwork!!!!! These are significant issues I have fought all my life so LLV you’re the ONE for ME!

 Shez I’ve never been sure about taking supplements and always believed good nutrition provides what we need. I am very focused on supporting my thyroid and needing energy, mental clarity relief from aching muscles and joints. After looking at LLV and seeing how comprehensive it is and contains the vitamin, mineral and herbal support I need, that isn’t always easy to get hold of, or incorporate into the daily diet, I decided to give it a go. I wasn’t sure if it was doing much until I run out and immediately saw and felt a huge difference! I was feeling flat, tired and achey – basically I felt like crap without taking them. I’m so grateful to have access to Life Long Vitality. It is by far one of the best supplements I have come across. To get the same support you would need to purchase a lot of different individual products and then struggle to find as good a quality. Certainly not something you can find at your local chemist or supermarket! Thanks doTERRA for this life changing product!

 Frances I’ve gotten back on LLV because I don’t want to be a dimmed version of myself anymore, I don’t absorb nutrients from food very well I suspect and I’m doing the doTERRA Cleanse and Restore in February to try and fix that! With an extra bottle of Mito2Max!

 Jemma When I took these within 2 weeks myself and others could see a difference in my skin, and I felt much more energetic – felt like getting up in the morning rather than rolling over for more sleep! Amazing product and I really need to start ordering and taking it again!! And my body just felt amazing!

 Heather I first tried LLV 2 years ago and fell in love,the perfect balance of oils and vitamins ! Not long after taking LLV i noticed a whole lot. The pain in my back lessened, the energy levels where up and strong, my mind was clear , focus was great! The best part is when u burp it up it taste great LOL in saying all this I’m out of it and would love to win a pack ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ How can it get any better than that!! ~ ~ ~

 Robyn Thanks LLV … I am half way through my first pack and have noticed… Energy Boost ! My joints don’t creak anymore! Better Focus to get more done in my day.( if thats possible with a crazy 2year old and a 4 year old running around… Ha ha !

 Sarah In just over 2 weeks I wasn’t feeling that 3:30itis anymore… no need for a 30 day guarantee! I couldn’t believe how much energy I had. I’ve run out and am waiting for my order and I have certainly notice the difference! I thought it was a fluke how good I was feeling.

The FOUNDATION OF HEALTH protocol is a must for getting your body in balance and it all starts with LLV!