Emotional connection to our pain

Did you know that often a physical pain we are experiencing may be a direct link to an emotional state that we are feeling?

Image result for emotions and doterra painIt fascinates me how the body will respond to our emotions. Although we are grown ups, we need to learn many more lessons in order to avoid pain. Once a lesson is firmly incorporated into our lives, understood and learned in a way that may be transferred to other people, the pain simply disappears.

Let’s look at one example. Pain in your back.

Lower back pain may be associated to thinking too much about money or you are lacking in emotional support. Maybe it is time to ask for a raise, or look at ways to better utilise your money. Consider using Wild Orange to support you as you move through this issue

Upper back pain may indicate that you are lacking emotional support. You may feel unloved. If you are single, it may be time to find that someone special .  Consider using Bergamot to support you as you move through this issue.  When I was first introduced to this approach to healing I had major pain daily in my lower back.  At the time I was running a business that was not doing overly well financially and I was always thinking “lack”.  The corresponding emotion that connects to the lower back is scarcity, not having enough.  This was very true for me in this situation and really helped open my eyes to the powerful support these oils bring.

Have you experienced pain in your body that doesn’t seem to resolve itself? It may be time to look at the underlying cause of the pain and what you can do to help move past.  Use this guide to help you understand what emotions may be contributing to the pain that you are experiencing: Emotional Roots

There are some other great resources to help you work through emotional issues.  I love the Emotions and Essential Oils Book and wheel.  Using these resources was a turning point for me.  I can’t tell you how many times I have chosen an oil and then grabbed the book to have a look at what that oil may be supporting me for emotionally. Then I would be blown away by how accurate it was. These are a great addition to any family as they help you learn what emotional support each oil brings you.



An iTOVi Scanner is another great tool to help you understand what essential oils will help you with emotional and physical issues you may be dealing with.  It can be really handy to have a regular scan or even have your own scanner to be able to read your body’s needs in an accurate way.  I actually love using the iTOVi alongside the Emotions and Essential Oils book and wheel for a great combination to truly understand yourself and the emotions that may be affecting you.

If you have any questions at all around emotions and using essential oils to support you, please send me an email and I will help answer your questions.