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I used to be one of those people who looked down on taking supplements. I was brought up taking supplements and never really understood why, it was just something I had to do as a kid.

Lifelong Vitality Autumn

I have gone through stages of taking them as an adult because I read something and think “oh I should be doing that!” but then gradually drop the routine. I also understand that we get our nutrition, vitamins and minerals from the food we eat. We have been eating Organic where possible for years (but not all the time) so I figured I was all good on the nutrition side. (Denial is a great place to be sometimes)

I was with doTERRA for 2.5 years before I tried their Lifelong Vitality Supplements , everyone was raving about them but I just figured it was just a sales pitch. However they kept coming onto my radar so I decided to give them a try. Curiosity made me want to know why everyone loved them and why they were doTERRA’s number 1 selling product.

Nothing happened. I had no momentous response so I figured it really was a sales pitch so I just started to drop the routine.

After 4 months of taking them I went 2 days without. This was a massive moment for me. I was driving home from the airport at about 2pm and my eyes were closing. Like a heavy “I need my afternoon nap” heaviness. It hit me – I hadn’t felt the need for my regular afternoon nap (you know when you wish your 2 year old would nap so YOU can nap?). I would get to about 1pm each day and crash.

Lifelong Vitality Pack

For me, the improvement taking the LLV was gradual which it can be for many people. I didn’t realise how much it was helping until I stopped. There have been other times I have stopped, for whatever reason and have found the same thing. My energy, stamina and moods crash! I have now noticed my health is better (I don’t get sick all the time even when I get stressed and run down!), my skin and nails are so much healthier, my moods are my stable, my cycle is better and easier!!!

After this realisation I went to doTERRA’s convention and actually learned about the science behind these supplements. It BLEW MY MIND that doTERRA had created these supplements how they had and totally solidified my resolve to keep on them.

So now I ALWAYS take my LLV. I fluctuate between the half and full dose depending on my needs and what I am up against. I am pretty consistently on ¾ dose as I now work from home and can spread it out through the day easily.

As I have started to share and educate about LLV within my oily community I have seen people tentatively give them a try. I get it, I was a skeptic about these too! You should hear the testimonies we get – energy, sleep, pain, moods, hormones, skin, blood tests etc all improving. The key – LLV! Drs are reading the ingredients and being wow’d by what is in them and advising their patients to take them.

My daily routine now consists of easy to digest and absorb vitamins, minerals, oils, probiotics and enzymes that give me a foundation of health.

LLV – Lifelong Vitality Supplements

 Alpha CRS
This is the powerhouse energy supplement – with no stimulants!!! It works by feeding the mitochondria which powers your cells and provides energy to your system. You should read the list of ingredients in these – AMAZEBALLS

Microplex doTERRA
Microplex VMz
These are your Vitamins and Minerals. Ever taken supplements and had fluro yellow wee? That’s because your body can’t absorb the ingredients and you are literally flushing the money you spent down the toilet. These vitamins and minerals are plant based (not crushed rock like some mineral supplements) and are bioavailable, which means our body can absorb them and use them where needed.

Xeo Mega doTERRA
xEO Mega
Fish oil omega 3 supplement. Many of us are lacking sufficient omega 3’s in our diet. We need them for healthy skin & hair, cardiovascular health, brain function and so much more. These oils are protective and needed for the proper function of our bodies.

PB Assist doTERRA
PB Assist
 Gut health is one of the most important things you need. It is the key to our wellness. Many things affect our gut health stress, medications, food etc. A good quality probiotic is going to give you a strong foundation to support your daily wellbeing. doTERRA’s PB Assist is a double walled capsule. The outside capsule has prebiotics which are released in the upper digestive tract. The smaller internal capsule has probiotics which are released into the lower digestive tract where they are needed.

Terrazyme doTERRA
 Making sure our body can break down and digest the food we eat is key to being able to absorb the actual nutrients in our food. The digestive enzymes in Terrazyme break down the food we eat within minutes into an easily digestible form.

ddr prime 30ml doTERRA
DDR Prime
We are full of cells and to function properly we need our cells to be healthy and working how they should. DDR Prime is a potent cellular renewal blend that helps our cells operate at their optimum levels.

Deep Blue Polyphenol doTERRA
Deep Blue Polyphenol
Pain sucks! There are a number of powerful polyphenols in nature that are known to help support our body’s ability to heal and reduce inflammation. This supplement is full of them! My shoulder injury from volleyball that used to be constantly causing me pain and discomfort is no pretty much non existent since taking these!

So now each morning I fuel my body with the things it needs to actually function at it’s best level. Does this mean I never have any issues? Nope. But it does mean that my body now has a firm foundation to function when I put it under stressors of all kinds.
And for me, I would much rather use natural, effective, scientifically supported supplements NOW to keep my body healthy. Rather than rattle around in my old age full of synthetic pills that are hiding symptoms of a body that has not had what it needs through life to be at optimum health.

If you would like help getting started with these supplements, please contact me so I can help you.  This could be just what you have been looking for.