Become a Stockist

As a business owner I know how important it is to stock reputable, high quality products into a business to compliment other products and services and also increase income.

I have over 14 years’ experience as a business owner and I have loved incorporating natural, ethical, high quality products into all aspects of my businesses and everyday life. Over the years I have learned through professional and personal experience many options that are available and ones that have worked for me. I love to support companies with similar beliefs to me and educate everyone on what is available to help lead low tox, natural lifestyles that support our health, families and the planet we live on.

I introduced dōTERRA into my business in 2014 and found great results very quickly by having a well-known, reputable product in my store that is able to assist ANY person. As the profile and reputation of dōTERRA grew, so did my customer base. The products would sell quicker the more people came to know that I was stocking them. In business we want stock that will turn over quickly and help compliment the other aspects of our business.

You can choose to offer dōTERRA products for retail in your business while also having the option to help others open their own accounts and create a sustainable, ever increasing residual income stream. Watch this video for some more information about dōTERRA and their co-impact sourcing model – which is sustaining the planet, rather than destroying it.

I have helped many other businesses add oils to their various types of businesses including – Health Care professionals, Gyms and Fitness Centres, Schools, Kindergartens, Groomers, Vet Clinics, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Beauty Clinics, Retail Outlets, Bloggers and Online Stores just to name a few. The bonus of stocking dōTERRA is they have an unlimited market – everyone can use these oils to help themselves and their families, including their pets! Plus you are helping to support a global network of farmers who are growing crops sustainably and being paid a fair wage for their work.

To open your wholesale account, you can start with any option that suits you. However as a business owner wanting the best value, I would suggest the Oil Sharing Kit as it gives you multiples of the most popular oils to share stock straight away, free wholesale account and some extra bonuses. This kit will save you over $130 with extra value options available.

When you place a minimum 100pv order (about $120-$150) in the month after you open your account, you will activate 200 FREE product credits into your account (these are dōTERRA $ to spend on anything you like- valued at approx. $250-$280). Plus you will receive an additional rebate of 20% on everything you order in your monthly LRP orders. This takes your savings of 25% up to 45% off retail! You will also have the ability to increase that by 5% every 3 months as you continue to order which will give you 55% off retail prices as you purchase stock for your business, PLUS you can receive extra free product every month.

When you order monthly on the optional Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), you will also receive the full amount of your shipping back as points into your account – more dōTERRA $ to spend on whatever you like. This equates to free shipping on all local orders – how great is that?!?! Learn more about the LRP option here

You will receive full support in learning how to use and sell the oils and implementing them into your business.

To get started now, follow the instructions below.
Step 1. Click here
Step 2. Select your country,
Step 3. Select OTG,
Step 4. Select Wellness Advocate
Step 5. Enter your details. (Enroller ID is 1273306 if it isn’t already there)
Step 6. Select the Oil Sharing Kit.
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Step 7. Enter your payment details
Step 8. Activate your order for next month (Optional but 100pv order is required each month to earn commissions)
Step 9. Welcome to our Oily Community!

If you would like to speak with me first, please email me or phone 0403 159 571 as I would love to make sure all your questions are answered.

I look forward to supporting you as you begin your journey with dōTERRA.